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Tour | Albanian Riviera Paradise Beaches and more...

Informacje na temat dojazdu do Albanii oraz noclegów tranzytowych.

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Tour | Albanian Riviera Paradise Beaches and more...

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South Albanian Tour

If you want to make your holidays in Albania, in the most beautiful places in the south, then become part of a 6-day tour. Adrenaline, stunning locations, speedboats trip, parachute jumps, Ships trip, diving, parasailing, Fly board and many many beautiful emotions.

Selected as the best tour for 2015 from the Travel Magazine

Do you know how many wonderful destinations and places we visit with such a beautiful tour from Vlora to Saranda?
Let's get started

Vlora City
• Karaburun
• St. Vasil
• St. Jani
• Caves Haji Ali
• Cape Gjuzës
• Dhërmi
• Drimadhes
• Perivolos
• St. Andrew
• Palasë
• Grama bay
• Gjipe
• The Pirates’ Cave
• Jale
• Bay Akumariumit
• Castle Himara
• Himare
• Llaman
• the Castle of Porto Palermo
• Ksamil
• Kakome
• Butrint
• Blue Eye.

• Etc (small bays that are between them during the 4 tours with a speedboat that will develop)

6 Days 5 Nights

June – September (Departure every Sunday)

380 EUR(PP)

•Expert Guides
Our Expert Guides are our values.

The accommodation are included, we guarantee the comfort and the best deals.

For our group tours we have selected the best bio, organic, local, traditional food.

Day 1: Tiranë – Vlorë – Karaburun
✿ 07:00 departure from Tirana;

✿ Coffee break;

✿ Arrival and accommodation in Vlora;

✿ Speedboat ride in Karaburun peninsula, Haxhi Ali Cave, St. Jani’s Bay;

✿ Free time in St. Vasili’s Beach;

✿ Dinner;

✿ Welcome Party after dinner.

Day 2: Vlorë – Dhërmi
✿ Breakfast at the Hotel;

✿ Arrival in Dhermi, accommodation and departure with speedboat from Dhërmi to St. Andrea and Grama Bay;

✿ Free time/Sunbath;

✿ Dinner;

Day 3: Dhërmi – Gjipe – Jalë
✿ Breakfast;

✿ Sightseeing on a speedboat at Caves of Pirates and Gjipe beach.

Optional: adventurers can choose to experience the fantastic sensation of Scuba Diving in Jale. Transfer from Dhërmi to Jale is free;*

✿ Free time in Dhermi after comeback from Gjipe;

✿ Dinner;

✿ Group games and animations.

Day 4: Dhërmi – Sarandë
✿ Breakfast;

✿ Optional: You can fly with paragliding boys form Llogara Mountain down to Dhermi;*

✿ Departure to Saranda;

✿ Visit at Himara’s castle;

✿ Lunchtime at Llamani Beach;

✿ Visit to Ali Pasha Castle in Porto Palermo;

✿ Arrival in Saranda and accommodation at the hotel;

✿ Free time and dinner at one of the seaside restaurants.

Day 5: Sarandë – Kakaome – Krorëz
✿ Breakfast;

✿ Speedboat ride to Kakome Bay and the wonderful Krorez beach;

✿ Free time in Krorez beach;

✿ Back in Sarande;

✿ Dinner.

Day 6: Sarandë – Ksamil – Butrint – Syri i Kalter
✿ Breakfast;

✿ Visit Ksamil and Butrint cultural site (protected by UNESCO);

✿ Free time to relax in Ksamil;

✿ Visit the Blue Eye;

✿ Coffee break during road;

✿ Return to Tirana.

Price Include
All local transport ✓
Accommodation for 5 nights in hotels ✓
5 Dinners ✓
5 Breakfasts ✓
Tour Guide ✓
Speedboat ride in Karaburun peninsula, Vlore ✓
Speedboat ride in Sarandë – Kakome – Krorëz ✓
Speedboat ride in Gjipe beach ✓
Speedboat ride in Grama bay ✓
Ticket at Ali Pashë castle ✓

PS: Transport from Poland to Albania not included.

Parachute from Llogara mountain +50 euro;
Scuba Diving in Jale +25 euro;
Flyeboard + 30 euro

Contact:Private Message

About us
Agency was founded on 14 March 2007. Outdoor and adventure activities, on hiking and trekking on Albanian summits.
More than 38,000 thousand tourists have travelled with us. Throughout these years we created a strong, innovative and comprehensive structure for trips to the Albanian speaking areas, being recognized as the leading travel tour company created by Albanians for Albania. Our focus is that tourists visiting Albania not only see it as nature but create new emotions, look beyond the beauties, understand why we have these habits and tradition, why we think and do so.
For us it is very important to maintain a constant tourism, it is important to protect the community and respect their values, so we take care to make a moderate distribution and to promote the most impacting destinations. We believe that a destination that has more tourists than locals is no longer a tourist destination, is a commercial place where everything else is left to shoot a picture.